Branded registries for
photographers and videographers

Ciderr is a registry system for your photography or videography business. It's fully branded to promote your business. You'll give your clients the right tools to spread the word about your business and help them pay for your products and services! It's easy and fun for your clients and for their friends and family. It's a win-win for everyone!

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Make it your own

Easily and fully brand your registry.

It's your registry page, so you should brand it the way you want to. Have full control over the background that is used. Change it whenever or how often that you'd like. Customize a background from the provided .PSD template or use some of the patterned templates provided. Easy but powerful!

Show and Tell vs. Hide and Seek

Show your pricing or show percentage.

Some businesses might be sensitive about publicly showing their pricing. You have the option to either show your pricing or the percentage of total. You can even do experiments to see which type generate the most amount of response from your clients.

Get paid...NOW!

You have access to any contributions immediately.

During our extremely easy set-up process, you'll get a WePay account which is a online payments processing platform to process the credit cards used for the contributions made to your registry. This way, you'll have access to your money immediately! No waiting a whole month to get a check!

Marketing just got easier.

We provide the tools to get the job done!

Your client has created their registry with you. Now what? We provide all the tools they need to spread the word about your store to EVERYONE they know. And they have a vested interest in doing so! And any contributors are asked to spread the word about your registry as well... on behalf of your client who they love. Your marketing just got a whole lot easier! Let Ciderr help your brand go viral!

Show off your work!

You do amazing work. Show it to the world on your registry!

Associate photos with each of your products or services. So when your clients family and friends come to your registry, they get to see your work... and fall in love with you... and think the idea of your registry is the coolest thing ever... and want to hire you. You get the idea.

VERY Secure!

A certified SSL certificate isn't easy to get. We practially had to give up all our firstborns to get it. Check out the address bar for Twitter and PayPal. They have them and so do we! Now your contributors can give with confidence.

Multiple Brands

Have associate photographers under a different brand, website, social media? Separate photo booth business? Our top collection allows you to have multiple brands for you to keep your registries as different as your businesses.

Accept All Major Credit Cards

Your registry can accept all the major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover! Now even your clients family that lives in Japan can help pay for your products and/or services!

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